Life Goals & Deep Desires

these are my life goals and deep desires…

♥ live as sustainable as I can on a piece of acreage in a town I love with a unique ‘just the right size’ home with breathtaking views everywhere you look and a garden full of flowers and organically grown food ♥

♥ own and operate a spiritually and financially successful vacation rental business that will bring others joy when they stay ♥

♥  have multiple streams of passive income that allow myself and my husband the flexibility in lifestyle to travel wherever, whenever, for however long our hearts call without having to worry about finances or requesting time off from an employer ♥

♥ create art on a regular basis with words, song, paint, or whatever the medium ♥

♥ provide for my extended family and loved ones in more ways than one ♥

♥ home school my future kiddos and teach them to be fierce, strong, independent people who listen to the intuition from their souls ♥

♥ master the art of consciously loving and appreciating the world and everyone around me unconditionally and selflessly as I can on a constant basis ♥

♥ give back to the world endlessly and as often as possible in any or every way imaginable not from a place of ego but from a place of gratitude in my heart ♥

♥ learn from others regularly ♥

♥ teach others regularly ♥

♥ write books and expect nothing from it but the pleasure of the process ♥

♥ meditate daily and live in the moment almost as much as (humanly) possible ♥

♥ accept fully that all of us as people are deeply flawed and stop having unrealistic expectations of others; leave room in my heart for people to be human and imperfect as we all are ♥