Reverse Bucket List (100+ Ideas)

  • Got Married
  • Went Cliff Jumping
  • Traveled out of the Country
  • Horseback Riding on a Beach
  • Went to a Nude Beach
  • Saw the White House
  • Winter Tubing
  • Snowboarding
  • Water Skiing
  • Water Tubing
  • Took a Self Defense Class
  • Built a Dream Home (Almost!)
  • Visited NYC
  • Been to 20 US States
  • Been to 3 Countries
  • Made a Snow Angel
  • Skinny Dipping
  • Had a Drink on a Rooftop Bar
  • Donated $ to a Cause I Care About
  • Volunteer For a Cause I Care About
  • Been to an NFL Football Game
  • Been to a MLB Baseball Game
  • Dyed my Hair Funky Colors
  • Had a New Years Eve Kiss
  • Took Pictures in a Photo Booth
  • Got a Tattoo
  • Made a Snowman
  • Went Kayaking in the Ocean
  • Paid For a Strangers Starbucks Order
  • Walked Across The Golden Gate Bridge
  • Went to a Drive In Movie Theatre
  • Visited The Grand Canyon
  • Donated Blood
  • Went to a Wax Museum
  • Saw the Nutcracker Ballet Live
  • Saw My Favorite Band Play Live
  • Got a Henna Tattoo
  • Had a Palm Reading
  • Gambled in Las Vegas
  • Attended a Beer Festival
  • Went Tea Tasting
  • Drank Moonshine
  • Ate at a Food Truck
  • Went Wine Tasting
  • Haggled at a Market
  • Experienced a White Christmas
  • Pulled an All Nighter
  • Won A Prize off a Radio Show
  • Tipped the Server 100% of the Bill Amount
  • Taught a Class
  • Went Fly Fishing
  • Went Ice Skating
  • Shot a Gun
  • Paddle Boarding
  • Took a Yoga Class
  • Visited a beach with BLUE ASS WATER
  • Drove a Speed Boat
  • Kiss in the Rain
  • Witnessed a Solar Eclipse
  • Saw the Sunset
  • Saw the Sunrise
  • Flew in a Helicopter
  • Flew in an Airplane
  • Rode on a Jetski
  • Rode in a Cable Car
  • Went Tubing Down a River
  • Went Stargazing in the Mountains
  • Got a Pet
  • Went on a Spontaneous Road Trip
  • Climbed to the Top of a Lighthouse
  • Booked a Flight to a Random Destination the Week of
  • Explored a Cave
  • Went on a Ferris Wheel
  • Visited a Volcano
  • Rode a Roller Coaster
  • Fall in Love
  • Had a Professional Photo Shoot with my Spouse
  • Went to Disneyland
  • Went Camping
  • Visited a Butterfly Sanctuary
  • Cleaned Up All the Garbage in My Neighborhood
  • Started a Blog
  • Got a Piercing
  • Witnessed a Lighting Storm
  • Witnessed a Meteor Shower
  • Received a Love Letter
  • Reconnected with an Old Friend
  • Saw the Statue of Liberty
  • Picked Fruit from a U-Pick Farm
  • Have a Journal
  • Climbed Mt. Rainier
  • Visited the Gum Wall in Seattle
  • Visited the Original Starbucks in Seattle
  • Went up in the Space Needle
  • Relaxed in a Hammock
  • Visited the Hollywood Walk of Fame
  • Saw the Hollywood Sign
  • Got my Drivers License
  • Had a Romantic Dinner on the Beach
  • Ran Through a Sprinkler
  • Walk Through A field of Sunflowers
  • Had Braces
  • Attended a Broadway Show
  • Made Smores Over a Campfire
  • Took a Hot Yoga Class
  • Visited Grand Teton National Park
  • Visited Yellowstone National Park
  • Visited Glacier National Park
  • Danced to Live Country Music in a Texas Dive Bar
  • Witnessed the Birth of a Child
  • Partied on Bourbon Street in New Orleans
  • Listened to My Grandparents Life Stories
  • Stayed in a Cabin in the Woods For a Weekend
  • Got a Professional Massage
  • Had a Snowball Fight
  • Took a Self Defense Class

Published by

Alexa Golesch

My name is Alexa and I'm a twenty something PNW native living in the Greater Seattle Area with my hubby Aaron and our fluff ball "kitty" Coti. I strive everyday to live a deliberate, passionate, meaningful existence and want to help others do the same. This blog will be a representation of all of that and more. I'm not yet quite sure what direction this blog will take but it has always been my dream to make a positive difference in my own way and I plan on using this as outlet to do so. If you'd like to follow along enter your email into the main page and you will be notified when I post. Thanks for all your love and support, xxoo.

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