Tiny House Design Details

Hello loves!

First of all, I wanted emphasize that these beautiful designs I created on paper would or could not have been come to life in digital format without the hard work of my incredibly talented hubby, Aaron! He spent a good chunk of creating them on Paint so we could share them with you all and I’m so grateful he did. Thanks babe!

Anyway, I’m beyond excited to finally share what our future home is going to look like! These designs aren’t an exact to scale representation and some details are missing. However, they do give a good general idea of what our home will look like inside and out upon completion. Once we complete the build we will add more details, exact measurements & specifications to this blog post for those who are interested. The details we do have available to share now are listed below.


Square Feet (including loft): 277 square feet

Width: 8 foot, 6 inches

Length: 26 feet

Height (at tallest point, & at lowest point of roof): 14 feet ; 11 feet

(We will add more specifications once the build is complete, hang tight!)

tiny haus exteriorrrrr
Tiny House Exterior

**The black lines on the exterior of the house are for texture purposes only, we will be using white corrugated metal siding therefore on our finished home there will be no black lines**

Tiny House Floor Plan

The Process:

I spent a good solid two months designing the floor plan and the exterior of the house to fit my ideal specifications and style. I will be upfront by mentioning I am not the kinda girl who settles… lol. I had very specific requirements in mind for this space and I designed, and redesigned the plans more times than I’d like to admit until I got the result I wanted. Hence, the reason it took a two months to complete but I couldn’t be any happier so no regrets there.

Our floor plan for our Tiny House is completely original as well, there is not a Tiny House with a floor plan like it as far as I’m aware. We decided to create our own custom floor plan instead of using an existing floor plan for several reasons. Most of the floor plans we found we’re beautiful but had interiors more similar to a travel trailer and less similar to a home. In addition, the layouts we’re awkward to me with interesting placements of each area and I wanted good Feng Shui. Which, I didn’t find a floor plan that fit my vision, so I decided to take the task on myself. Don’t get me wrong I am not knocking full-time trailer living because it has been done, stunningly I will add. Just search Instagram with the hashtag #rvremodel and you will see incredible remodels with total Feng Shui. But when it came to finding a floor plan for a tiny house, I couldn’t find one that fit our desires. This is where a list of requirements came from. We wanted…

  • Dedicated living space complete with tall ceilings, a coffee table and a couch
  • Good size kitchen with enough cupboard space
  • Room for a Washer/Dryer (still on the fence about actually putting one in… but we wanted the space just in case)
  • A place to hang our clothes (We refused to torture ourselves by folding clothes in a cubby on a daily basis, lol)
  • AND, lastly we didn’t want to have to crawl up to our loft to get to bed

This list may seem reasonable to most people who don’t understand what designing a tiny space truly means but I can promise you in a tiny space accomplishing all these necessities was difficult. Not impossible, but difficult. However, if you know me at all you know that I am way to damn stubborn to settle for less so I found a way to make it work.

Well, we’ve come to the end of this blog post.

Thank you so much for reading this post all the way through, it means the world to me.  Let me know in the comments below what you all think of our design for our future home. Any recommendation, questions or comments? Let us know below! We’d love to hear it all.

xxoxo, Alexa

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Hi, I'm alexa just an average 20 something, an expert of nothing; just learning, living, and having fun along the way like everyone else!

9 thoughts on “Tiny House Design Details”

  1. I LOVE the floor plan you created. Having a stackable washer and dryer would be nice to have since you will be living there full time but also I know space is limited obviously 😉 I also love the white corrugated metal exterior. So clean looking. Good for you for not settling, this is your guys’ dream! Any idea about how much the finished Tiny House will weigh? I’ve always been curious about that as my husband pulls all types of different trailers and maybe one of these days I can convince him to travel via Tiny house :))))

    Keep on chasing that dream!
    Kelsi A.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Kelsi! Thank you very much 😊 Yes, I agree having a washer/dryer is definitely ideal. Trips to the laundry mat… not so ideal. Lol! Modern, clean lines is the look we are going for as the vibe for our tiny house so I’m happy it’s coming across as that to others as well. As for the final weight of our tiny house we aren’t 100% sure yet but we are doing everything we can to limit the final weight as much as possible. With that in mind we don’t think it will weigh over 9,000 pounds. The weight totally depends on the size of your trailer and how you build it. I’ve seen other Tiny Housers build one at no more than 3,500lbs and others build them at 14,000lbs. The great thing about them is that they are 100% customizable to fit individual needs 😊 I had to convince my hubby tiny house would work for our life. One of the major appeals of it was that no matter where we went we would be home. That’s why I love them so much 💛 Thank you for commenting!


  2. Alexa. I admire your persistence in working out your needs to bring the solution to reality! In your interior drawing, I noticed a tub in the bath that was not listed in the Must Have shopping list. Some women list a space-consuming tub as a must-have. Is that so for you?
    I didn’t see where you were planning on placing your washer/dryer. Would that be in the Bath or Kitchen? Some like the laundry in the Bath area, while others think that it adds too much humidity to that already naturally humid area. (Higher possibility for mold formation.) Also, I don’t recall where the important cloths drying area (interior clothes lines?) was designated.
    In your drawing, your rear area designated as Storage has a curious item in it. The brown rectangle at the end (top) of that room I would assume would be a work bench or shelving unit? But what is that rectangle below it that could look like a bath tub?
    Lastly, you were saying you hoped to keep your build-weight down as low as possible. I assume the purpose for that was ease of towing, mobility, & general lower fuel consumption. What do you think of using metal studs for framing instead of wood? While the initial cost is a bit more, the savings in weight are substantial! The construction / assembly time can also be substantially less too. Check out this site if interested. https://www.volstrukt.com/ They specialize in fabricating your tiny house walls & roof from your plans. Then they can ship it all to you for your DIY full assembly, if you want to do the DIY. The 1, 2, 3 puzzle assembles in days, instead of months. Or they can assemble the shell & you finish the rest; or whatever level of pre-assembly you & the budget want. (No I DO NOT work for them; just highly impressed with their smooth operation. But if I can get my wife sold on Tiny Houses then this is probably the way I will go.) 8^)
    This is enough for now. Thanks for your time. Happy Travels!!!


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